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We offer all the main VPN features, such as Auto-connect, kill switch, split tunneling and more. But we don’t stop here. With Surfshark, every part of your digital world is safe and secure. From hiding your IP to protecting your computer, we have it all under control.

  • Secure VPN
  • Ad blocking
  • Cookie pop-up blocker
  • Personal details generator
  • Masked email generator
  • Real-time email breach alerts
  • Real-time alerts on credit card and ID breaches
  • Private search engine
VPN (The VPN changes your IP address so that your location becomes invisible.)
Alternative IDs (Alternative ID creates a new identity and email for online registrations.)
Alert (Alert notifies you if your email address, credit card or ID is compromised.)
CleanWeb (CleanWeb blocks ads and pop-ups, including cookie consent requests.)
Antivirus (Antivirus scans programs every time you download, install or use them.)
Search (Search provides organic browsing results without ads or trackers.)
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